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    Released Brutus 2

    I don’t ever recall having any issues like that if you followed the instructions correctly it should work for the most part, though I think you had to stamp the actor in radiant when are you getting connection interrupted error?
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    Help Custom Perk Script

    ISO someone to make a script for me for a perk?
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    Help Can't Find Models

    Have you downloaded and ported the models into the tools?
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    Help Custom Power System?

    You might be able to implement something similar to what Madgaz had in his map Grit - maybe reach out to him and see how he had that done
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    Help Mystery Box won't spawn unless Start prefab is used?

    what would you need to do to make it only random between 2 spots? e.g if i wanted it to randomise between the start box location and box location 3 when a game is launched
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    Help Green run or Tranzit

    I call it transit thought he map itself is called Green Run - Transit is the game mode if I recall
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    Help Zombies Jump Down

    Search traversals on YouTube - someone posted 2 vids one of which is updated. I think it was Jbird maybe
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    Help Volumetric Lighting help!

    have you probed? cant think of any reason why volumetric lighting would mess up your map all your doing is ticking a box on the light entity and placing a fog in the map
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    Cancelled DELETE ME

    nope didn’t find a fix for this
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    Work In Progress I need help with prefabs!!

    Ping me on Discord I’ll see if I can help you out Brodie3750#8243
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    Released [Drag & Drop] Weapon Trading Table

    can someone confirm - if i intend to use this with custom weapons (skye's MW pack) and none of the stock weapons, do i need to add/remove the weapons in the GSC? does the stock weapons script become irrelevant? Does it need to remain in there or remove it etc E.g function...
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    Help Having issues using HarryBo21and Symbo's traps (My fault I think)

    This issue is cause by having an outdated template Mod. Stamping the Prefab doesn’t cause this issue however stamping it does mess it up be making it “Not Available” If you wanna message me on Discord I can send you the Template Mod which should fix your issue but you’ll likely need to replace...
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    Anybody want me to make custom xmodels for them?

    Any experience making perk machines?
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    Released Brutus 2

    I copied the script over from the map it worked on so that it kept the same values to the Autospawn thing should be fine but worth a check I have the struct in the ground as opposed to above though so I’ll try that first off, thanks mate