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    Released Buyable Perk Slot and Removable Perk

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    A script I need for my map to be complete

    in your mapname.gsc directly under: function main() { zm_usermap::main(); add this thread player_teleporter_init(); at very bottom of gsc add this function player_teleporter_init() { player_tp = GetEntArray( "teleport_player", "targetname" ); for( i = 0; i < player_tp.size...
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    Released I'm not sure why

    if your uploading your map w an image. the image must be JPG format. also relink your map so its available for all languages. edit > options > build language > change from English to ALL. then relink your map
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    Help Add more zombies spawners per round

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    Help Custom Elevator Script

    the location you're moving to (the struct) needs an origin ie kj_keeper MoveTo(keeper_loc01.origin,1.5);
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    Answered Custom voices for characters

    lol why do you need a tutorial to replace a .wav sound? just download a voice pack and overwrite the sounds... or you can make a new template from scratch, which i dont advise if you're not familiar with how sounds are set up in this game go watch some tutorials on youtube
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    /cg_draw2d 0
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    Tutorial [Bo3] How to Increase the Perk Limit

    its not necessary to put in a function you can just put it directly under zm_usermap::main - like this function main() { zm_usermap::main(); level.player_starting_points = 420000; level.perk_purchase_limit = 30;
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    Answered Issue with initial spawn on Black Ops 3 custom map

    your making it much worse dude just use the default template like 100% of mappers go watch some introductory videos on youtube, otherwise you will be lost and no one wants to hold your hand when its already been taught should get you started - he has a lot of tutorials and there are a lot more...
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    Answered Issue with initial spawn on Black Ops 3 custom map

    this happening on all of your maps? when you make a brand new map it will already have all the basic stuff loaded in for you not sure why you're manually adding spawn points its not necessary anyway there could be numerous amounts of things causing game over right when you start do you have...
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    updated m8
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    unfortunately i dont either..... I NEED A HERRROOOO
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    Is there anyway to download Brutus from MOTD?

    that guy that reshared all that stuff is a legend lmao
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    Help Remove effect when soulbox is fill

    theres a reward in his script for when all are finished. but not individually
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    Help PAP room looks broken (NSZ Teleporter)

    you dont have any natural sun light going into the room so this happens fix by making a hole and put a vent model there or something