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    Released Ronan's Custom Round Numbers (Drag & Drop)

    Whenever i build my map this shows up? ERROR: (image texture_assets\\ronan\\round_numbers\\ops\\zm_round_number_ops_0.png) mip maps not supported for non power of two ^1Could not convert image 'uie_t7_zm_hud_rnd_nmbr0'. image:uie_t7_zm_hud_rnd_nmbr0 csv:zone_source/zm_warfare.zone...
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    Released Skye's Weapon Ports to BO3 (Master Hub)

    Yes, it is. You have to go into Call of Duty Black Ops III/source_data/ and look for something like skye_iw4_g18. Open that file and use the search feature on your text editor program. Search for "displayName" and keep searching that until it displays the pap name.
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    Released Qelifern's Origins Staffs, Craftable and Upgrade-able

    I followed the instructions and I get this error? Is this file missing? Because I checked the download again and the file was nowhere to be seen ================================================== ^1#using scripts\zm\_zm_weap_staff_souls; ^1--------------------------------------^...
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    Released UPDATED! Giant Teleporters By Vertasea V1.1

    Hey! I just installed these into my new map but whenever I load in I instantly die. You got a fix for this or did i do something wrong?
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    Released Missing Sound(s) Fix

    totally not just now not installing this i mean c'mon what kind of idiot hasn't installed this i'd sure hate to be him
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    Released Vasagle's Melee Ports for BO3

    For sure gonna use these in the future! They look good and can't wait to use them!
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    Help Helicopter/Lunar Lander?

    I've been wanting to make a lunar lander or helicopter that would take you into the map, drop you off, fly away and never come back. I just don't know how I would do it. If anyone could help me or lead me in the right direction that would be appreciated! (the only reason I put this post here is...
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    Released ThomasCat's Character Thread [BO3]

    Hey! These ports are awesome. I would love if you ported Captain Price and Ghost from MW2, I've wanted to port them myself but I'm bad at that crap. If you could, Price could replace Dempsey, and Ghost could replace Nikolai. If you did this, I would have a complete set of MW characters for my...
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    Work In Progress Tranzit Remastered | Help wanted

    I'd be happy to help. I'm not the greatest mapper, but I'd love to help you out on this. If you send me some pictures on what you have so far I can give you feedback on what you can add/fix. DM me on Discord if you want to. - RllyyTwitchyy.gsc#6608
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    Released Skye's Weapon Ports to BO3 (Master Hub)

    Are you planning to do the BO4 Ray Gun and Ray Gun Mark 2?
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    Help Custom weapons?

    I have gotten custom weapons to work in the past, but that was on one map. All of the others have no sound and wallbuys don't work, can't get them out of the box, etc. I'm currently making a Shipment remake with MW:R weapons. The weapons aren't buyable nor obtainable by box, but they work...
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    Help Wraith/Greyhound

    Okay, so I've used both of these programs, and neither of them have a 'Manage GDT's' button. I don't know if they're outdated, or I need to apply some specific settings. But I have no idea why they don't. If anyone could help me that would be great. I need some models from Buried and Tranzit.
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    Answered Origins models

    Wraith doesn't create a GDT for the models. And I have no idea what's wrong with it.
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    Answered Origins models

    I've tried countless tutorials, but all of the versions of wraith are on a different version than mine is, so its impossible to get past the A.P.E part. If anyone could help me get some robot and generator models that would be greatly appreciated!