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    Help Remove gun from mystery box

    You probably know this, but I will put it here for completeness and additional info for others, if that's OK with you. :) Add this...
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    Released KJ_Bosses_Zombies_Dogs_Etc

    I have no idea what the zombies you guys are talking about, but I did come across this dude's ports on DeviantArt. Might this help? He's even converted some of them to .XMODEL_EXPORT. Looks like some cool stuff in there. https://www.deviantart.com/connorukboy/gallery/?catpath=/...
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    Player mantle

    Mantling for the player in Radiant Black is handled by adding a brush where you want to climb onto, or over, and simply texturing it with a "mantle"texture: Here are some examples; Mantle Over, Mantle On, and some prefab traversals for zombies (ai_zombie_jump_up_48, ai_zombie_jump_down_48)...
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    Help Ceiling Zombie Spawners

    Here you go. Worked great when I tried them. https://wiki.modme.co/wiki/black_ops_3/basics/Setting-Up-Faller-Zombies.html