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    How to add a Wall of Fog?

    Place FX. Heres what i used in blood run. remove .zip idk why porter allows only certain types of files
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    Answered Elevator script needed

    Its on this site fam. Check the search bar on the top right https://forum.modme.co/threads/tutorial-buyable-elevator.650/ DL link still works too
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    Tutorial low gravity on/off script black ops 3

    There's 1 major flaw with this script and it's that this will set the gravity and jump height EVERYWHERE unlike in dlc1 where its only in 1 location
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    Answered Easter egg

    function button_logic() //self = trigger { self SetHintString("Press &&1 to activate"); self SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON"); self waittill("trigger"); self delete(); level.door_buttons++; }
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    Answered Brutus Spawn trigger

    You should mention whos brutus youre using function brutus_spawn() { amount = 5; trig = GetEnt("brutus_trig","targetname"); trig waittill("trigger"); for( i=0;i<amount;i++ ) { zm_cellbreaker::spawn_brutus(); //spikis brutus or brutus::spawn_brutus(); ///nsz brutus } }
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    Answered Easter egg

    Didn't test but should work. Something like this: button_trig is the targetname of the triggers button_door -targetname of the doors (!!!script models/brushmodels!!!) thread buttons(); function buttons() { buttons = GetEntArray("button_trig","targetname"); doors =...
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    Help Script to reward all perks after finding all hidden items

    zm_utility::give_player_all_perks(b_exclude_quick_revive = false)
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    Answered Anyone seen this before?

    well the launcher says it cant find zm_perk_electric_cherry which means there isnt a #using electric cherry in the script. If after adding this, linking and starting the game you get a console error, you also need to put it in the zone
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    Answered Custom voices for characters

    dont do that
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    Answered Custom voices for characters

    why tf did you post this 3 times
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    Answered Map with multiple skies

    cover the whole map with umbra and fpstool but have a sun volume for every section
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    Answered Stop Zombies spawns in certain zone

    zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone("zone2 ", "zone1", "enter_lab", 1); the 1 means one way
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    /ui_enabled 0 and i think /draw2d 0 <-- for crosshairs
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    Released Brutus 2

    did you set AUTOSPAWN to 1 in the script? the struct only has a targetname. the script picks the closest spawn point and if it's not in an active zone it picks the next closest etc.
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    Released Brutus 2

    update 1.0.1