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    Help Can anyone just paste their zm_levelcommon into a reply

    verify cache
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    Answered Force a character to say something

    player zm_audio::create_and_play_dialog( "general", "dragon_final" );
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    Answered Forcing a player off an object?

    Clip much? If you insist on not clipping, make a slope and give it the texture "slick"
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    Answered Error that i don't know how to fix (PLEASE HELP)

    You put #insert scripts\shared\shared.gsh twice in the same script or you made a #define PLAYER_1 “smthing” in the same script as the insert
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    Answered Random player teleportation

    thread pistol_def_tp(); in function main()
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    Answered Random player teleportation

    did you put structs down? did you call the function?
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    Answered Random player teleportation

    This should be good. didnt test #using scripts\shared\lui_shared; function pistol_def_tp() { spots = struct::get_array("pistol_def_tp_spot", "targetname"); while(1) { level waittill("end_of_round"); foreach(player in GetPlayers()) { player thread...
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    Answered Random player teleportation

    all players go to the same box? i saw a video but it was single player
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    Answered Random player teleportation

    Describe what happens in detail if you need someone to tp to a random spot its ez pz
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    Having a few issues with prefabs and lighting

    First the lighting. I'm assuming you're talking about a light you placed in the map. If you don't see it it's either because it's too small (change radius) or the map is too bright and you need to increase the stops on the light. As for the shadows, you need to untick noshadowmaps As for the...
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    Released Buildings/Structures for maps (WIP)

    If that happens for me then i just paste the image in paint and shring it to 80% or so and save it as a jpg and upload it again Also good job on the structures :D
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    Help Random Key Locations

    Protip: dont upload the zone folder in usermaps/mapname, it's just compiled files and its hella big. Zone_source is useless aswell. So is english and in this case sound folders. Triggers cant go around brushes. They wont work then. You need 2 triggers, one on each side of the door. I don't...
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    Help Random Key Locations

    its locked
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    Help Ascension spawn

    Basically you just need the model In script you wait until all players are connected, then move them to their lander spot and link them to it. Then move the lander down and unlink them
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    Released Buildings/Structures for maps (WIP)

    Literally just drag them on to the post