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Renaissance Zombies

Mod Renaissance Zombies 1.4.1

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Requires Game_Mod
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This mod does not include all the map packs for you....
If you get stuck with a black screen when loading a map press the "`" key to open up the developer console and enter the command /map_restart, Should you have issues in coop try restarting both the game and steam, if it persists change hosts.

You thought changing the past wouldn't have any consequences didn't ya? Your actions have lead to the creation of this dimension, nothing.. NOTHING is right. Now you have to live all those moments over again, from the airfield to the moon base only this time things are different much more different.... WELCOME TO HELL!

Endgame Guide:
- Step 1: Turn on the power, (Applies to all maps except for Shi No Numa which in that case just open all the doors)
- Step 2: Locate the challenge board
- Step 3: Pay 3500 to start your challenges, (In coop all players must pay individually to start their own challenges)
- Step 4: Complete each of the 4 tasks you are given, (Simple tasks such as 115 headshots, melee kills, obtain 6 or more perks, not that difficult)
- Step 5: Once you completed your challenges and checked the board to confirm save up for the endgame (For coop everyone must complete their challenges for the endgame to be bought
- Step 6: After buying the ending survive for 10 rounds and the game will end

Useful Guide by Anomalous13:

Features List:


- Tom BMX - OG of COD Modding, Xanim Extractor, XmodelUtils, IWI & DDS Converter, Maya Tanim Plugins, BO Sound Converter Tool, Lime, Lemon, & FastFile Extractor
- Slayerbeast12 - Lead Scripter; Guided me in modding Black Ops and the whole reason we even created this mod
- xSanchez78 - Second lead scripter; Contributing his own ideas, Conversion rigs, BO3 Perk/Powerup models, All custom perks, BO3 viewhands, Map ideas for WaW maps, & other various fixes
- Jzob - Providing CoD:OL 1887 textures, and teaching me how to port guns back in the day, which is how I knew how to port weapons for this mod
- Kagamine Addict - Perk/Powerup Shaders, Various texture edits, Artwork, Contributing her own ideas ( half of them were too much for the final version ), & Photoshop help
- Killer Potato - Weapon porting help/advice as well as rigging some weapons for me, BO4 conversion rig ( made from xSanchez78's BO3 rig ), & Texture fixing help
- DamianoTBM - Weapon porting help/advice, MWR Minigun , Rigging viewmodel arms (PES, Castro), & Texture fixes for weapons
- Jbleezy - Scripting help & Allowing me to use some of his stuff from reimagined in the mod
- HitmanVere - Scripting help, Letting me use his BO3 chalks, & Help with adding back the moon ann vox
- Thomas Cat - WW2 Hands for the marines, & BO3-TX, S1-TX AI conversion rigs
- Khel Mho - Infinite Warfare conversion rig edits
- Joshwoocool - Providing the base texture for the bo4 perks and bo4 powerup models for bonfire and ancient evil drops
- Jerri13 - Widows Wine/Glava Knuckle FX, & Modding Help
- Rollonmath42 - Created the ammo rotation script
- TheSkyeLord - S2 to TX conversion rig
- ElRicos - Sub divided Honeybadger model
- Maciej Ray Marcin/ItsRay1235 & Aiden - COD Maya Tools
- SE2DEV, Nukem - creation of Game Mod for Black Ops
- DTZxPorter - Wraith, SEANIM Plugins, Bassdrop, & Black Iris Tools
- Scobalula - Greyhound, & COD Maya Tools
- Treyarch - models, animations, sounds, &fx textures
- Infinity Ward - models, animations, sounds, & fx textures
- Raven Software - models, animations, & sounds
- Sledgehammer Games - models, animations, & sounds
- Tripwire Interactive - models, & sounds
- New World Interactive - models, sounds, & fx textures
- Tencent Games - models, animations, sounds
- 4ECHO - AUG model
- Mr. Rifleman - Tokarev model
- Thanez - Colt 357 model
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  1. Major game freeze fix

    - Raygun has the ability to explode zombies that are distant from the explosions - Removed a...

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