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    Help Custom Perk Script

    ISO someone to make a script for me for a perk?
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    Help Custom Brutus Model

    Hey so I’m in search of someone who might be able to assist me with accomplishing a little project I am trying to see if I can locate a specific character model, specifically from a Tekken game, and replace the Brutus model. So am looking to see if anyone might be willing to help me find the...
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    Help Custom Powerup

    Hey So I’m looking for someone who might be able to help me with executing the idea of a custom powerup for a map I’m working on at the moment. As the powerup is specific to my map I would like to do my best to keep it under wraps as much as possible so if you have experience dealing custom...
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    Help Shangri La Monkeys

    hey all I was wondering if anyone has a working script for Shangri La Monkeys they be happy to share with me? The ones where they came and steal your drops/allows them to change.
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    Help Custom Perk Machine

    Hi all, was wondering if there’s anyone out there who would be willing to help me with making a custom perk machine including both the model and the skin/texture/shader for it? the perk itself is currently made and uses a tombstone machine as a placeholder any help would be great :)
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    Help Custom Zombie Skin Variant

    Hey, Was wondering if theres anyone here who might be able to help me in achieving a completely custom zombie variant? E.g take an existing model, change the colour of the actual clothing, add text to it, etc Can this be done? If so, is there anyone who would be willing to help me with this? TIA
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    Help Design Powerup or Perk

    Hi Was wondering anyone would be able to help me in creating a custom powerup or custom perk. I have 2 ideas, just wanted to run it by someone capable of creating one or the other (or both) as I’m solely a mapper and haven’t any experience behind the scripting and creation of either one
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    Help Audio Trigger

    Hey, wondering if someone can help me setup an audio trigger so that when i enter a certain area a sound plays. I have tried using IceGrenades tutorial as well as Wakkas tutorial but neither seem to be working if anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated :) Sidenote: When attempting...
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    Help Barbed wire Baseball bat BO3

    Hi guys I’m making a walking dead based map which is a WIP and I’m wondering if anyone is able to help me in the way of making a custom Lucille (barber wire baseball bat) to import to the map I’ve very little knowledge in this area of mapmaking, as I’m mostly a builder but don’t get too...