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  1. eDeK

    Adding sound when players get downed?

    callback::on_spawned( &sound_when_i_downed ); function sound_when_i_downed() { level flag::wait_till( "all_players_connected" ); level flag::wait_till( "initial_blackscreen_passed" ); wait 0.05; level endon( "end_game" ); self endon( "disconnect" ); while(1)...
  2. eDeK

    Help Buildable Pack-a-Punch

  3. eDeK

    Chronicles Assets

  4. eDeK

    Sphynxmods' Subtitles Script

    Open "share/raw/scripts/Sphynx" Change... _zm_subtitles.gsc _zm_subtitles.csc To... subtitles.gsc subtitles.csc
  5. eDeK

    Released Brutus 2

  6. eDeK

    Answered Creating an AI

    If you are trying to spawn a "BRUTUS", why dont you just install Spiki's "CELLBREAKER"? https://forum.modme.co/threads/brutus-2.2875/
  7. eDeK

    Kill the brutus

    If you are using the CELLBREAKER of Spiki, try this... Open zm_cellbreaker.gsc and search this... function private brutusSpawnSetup() "Inside this function", put this at the bottom... self thread i_killed_a_brutus(); Copy and paste this function at the bottom of the GSC function...
  8. eDeK

    Help White screen, HELP.

    Post some images or videos.
  9. eDeK

    double jump recharge

    Maybe... self setdoublejumpenergy( 5 ); or... self.lastDoubleJumpStartTime = 5;
  10. eDeK

    Released Spiki's asset dump (Most AI)

    I have this error with the MEATBALLS: Attempt to register ClientField elemental_round_fx failed. CliendField set "toplayer" either already contains a field called elemental_round_fx, or a hash collision has ocurred. If i remove the lines from "_zm_ai_raps.gsc" and "_zm_ai_raps.csc"...
  11. eDeK

    Trigger Radius

    Fixed! Now works.
  12. eDeK

    Trigger Radius

    Thanks for reply but dont work, this write me 24 times "zombie in zone" when i touched the "trigger radius", nothing happen when a zombie touch the trigger. i gonna still trying...
  13. eDeK

    Trigger Radius

    I spawn a "Trigger Radius" and i can kill the player, but no detect/kill the zombies when they touch the trigger. I tried a various lines but still no work for kill zombies. function mk_pole_trap_patch_damage() { while ( 1 ) { self waittill( "trigger", e_entity ); if (...
  14. eDeK

    Help Spawning lots of zombies with a trigger_multiple

    Put structs with the targetname "my_specific_structs". Put the USING if you need: #using scripts\zm\_zm_spawner; etc... function street_horde_zombie() { x_structs = struct::get_array( "my_specific_structs", "targetname" ); boss_trigger1 = GetEnt("boss_trigger1", "targetname" )...
  15. eDeK

    Help Spawn Zombies by 1 Side in the same Zone

    I have 4 structs ( Up, Down, Left and Right ). How can i do spawn zombies like "Dead Ops Arcade", by 1 Side or 2 Sides?. I need a "script_int" to each struct?. I have a BO1 script of DOA, but im very confused. function get_all_the_map_spawners_on_side(side) { spawners = []; for...
  16. eDeK

    How do you disable specific perks when using free perk bottle power up?

    Maybe... level._custom_perks = Array::remove_index(level._custom_perks, "specialty_armorvest", 1);
  17. eDeK

    How i can remove the "points" shooting/killing zombies?

    Work perfect, thanks, i need the remove only the "headshot bonus points".
  18. eDeK

    How i can remove the "points" shooting/killing zombies?

    How i can remove the "points" shooting/killing zombies?. I tried using: #using scripts\zm\_zm; zombie_utility::set_zombie_var( "zombie_score_kill_4player", 0 ); // Individual Points for a zombie kill in a 4 player game zombie_utility::set_zombie_var( "zombie_score_kill_3player"...