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  1. 1CrazyGamer

    another mod tools server

  2. 1CrazyGamer

    Released Classified Power Switch

    Classified Power Switch from Bo4's remaster of Five
  3. 1CrazyGamer

    Released Avogadro Announcer

    Bo4's Avogadro Announcer from Alpha Omega Ported to Bo3 by Garrett
  4. 1CrazyGamer

    Released Matryoshka Doll Grenades from Ascension

    These are the Matryoshka Dolls from Bo3's remaster of Ascension This uses "Raw Anims" exported with HydraX, so you'll need to install Scobalula's Linker Patch
  5. 1CrazyGamer

    Work In Progress Black Ops: Cold War Round Sounds

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Round Sounds Ported to Black Ops 3 by Garrett [/SPOILER]
  6. 1CrazyGamer

    join my discord

  7. 1CrazyGamer

    Released Delete Me!!

    nothing too see
  8. 1CrazyGamer

    please delete lmao

    nothing hear folks
  9. 1CrazyGamer

    Answered Error Linking Script

    Everytime I try and load my game up from the modtools launcher to test my map this shows up "the full thing is down below the picture" Command line: +set fs_game zm_nuked +devmap zm_nuked Error: Waited 241 msec for missing asset "debug_sphere_exterior". Error: Could not find material...
  10. 1CrazyGamer

    Help Alpha Omega Models

    As the title states, I am looking for Alpha Omega Models for a project that I'm working on. Currently I haven't found anything on the forums for Alpha Omega models and I don't have access to Black Ops 4 on PC so I'm turning to you guys for help. "Direct Message me on discord for more questions"...
  11. 1CrazyGamer

    Delete please

  12. 1CrazyGamer

    How do I add footprint trails in sand and mud

    Hi, I was wonder how I could add footprint trails in the sand on radiant, as for reference when you walk on sand it leaves your footprint. If you guys could figure this out please respond. Thanks ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ - 1CrazyGamer...