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    How to add a Wall of Fog?

    Place FX. Heres what i used in blood run. remove .zip idk why porter allows only certain types of files
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    Answered Elevator script needed

    Its on this site fam. Check the search bar on the top right https://forum.modme.co/threads/tutorial-buyable-elevator.650/ DL link still works too
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    Tutorial low gravity on/off script black ops 3

    There's 1 major flaw with this script and it's that this will set the gravity and jump height EVERYWHERE unlike in dlc1 where its only in 1 location
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    Answered Easter egg

    function button_logic() //self = trigger { self SetHintString("Press &&1 to activate"); self SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON"); self waittill("trigger"); self delete(); level.door_buttons++; }
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    Answered Brutus Spawn trigger

    You should mention whos brutus youre using function brutus_spawn() { amount = 5; trig = GetEnt("brutus_trig","targetname"); trig waittill("trigger"); for( i=0;i<amount;i++ ) { zm_cellbreaker::spawn_brutus(); //spikis brutus or brutus::spawn_brutus(); ///nsz brutus } }
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    Answered Easter egg

    Didn't test but should work. Something like this: button_trig is the targetname of the triggers button_door -targetname of the doors (!!!script models/brushmodels!!!) thread buttons(); function buttons() { buttons = GetEntArray("button_trig","targetname"); doors =...
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    Help Script to reward all perks after finding all hidden items

    zm_utility::give_player_all_perks(b_exclude_quick_revive = false)
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    Answered Anyone seen this before?

    well the launcher says it cant find zm_perk_electric_cherry which means there isnt a #using electric cherry in the script. If after adding this, linking and starting the game you get a console error, you also need to put it in the zone
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    Answered Custom voices for characters

    dont do that
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    Answered Custom voices for characters

    why tf did you post this 3 times
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    Answered Map with multiple skies

    cover the whole map with umbra and fpstool but have a sun volume for every section
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    Answered Stop Zombies spawns in certain zone

    zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone("zone2 ", "zone1", "enter_lab", 1); the 1 means one way
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    /ui_enabled 0 and i think /draw2d 0 <-- for crosshairs
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    Released Brutus 2

    did you set AUTOSPAWN to 1 in the script? the struct only has a targetname. the script picks the closest spawn point and if it's not in an active zone it picks the next closest etc.
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    Released Brutus 2

    update 1.0.1
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    Released Brutus 2

    go into APE, find c_zom_cellbreaker_helmet and change the physics preset from helmet to default
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    Answered New map maker here

    Map first but think about where everything is going to be (like where you're going to put the perks and which doors you'll use). Script whenever. You can add mods/textures whenever. Shift+click to select brush, Shift+ctrl+click to select face of brush You can middle click another brush when you...
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    Released Buried ghosts

    Either you didn't compile the map or the struct is not in an active zone. And it doesnt have a script_noteworthy kvp
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    Released Brutus 2

    Here's an alternative to NSZ's boss Brutus. He's meaner, he's tougher and he kicks more ass and can traverse. Package is drag and drop but you must manually move zm_cellbreaker.gsc/csc to your mapname/zm/ folder You have a few options to play around with in the gsc Mechanics: HELMET_HEALTH...
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    Help Could not find zone error

    Have you tried making a new empty map and compiling/linking that? Language set to english? If you nuked the mod tools before doing atleast this you need to rething your choices