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    Released Brutus 2

    Here's an alternative to NSZ's boss Brutus. He's meaner, he's tougher and he kicks more ass and can traverse. Package is drag and drop but you must manually move zm_cellbreaker.gsc/csc to your mapname/zm/ folder You have a few options to play around with in the gsc Mechanics: HELMET_HEALTH...
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    Released Buried ghosts

    Aight so I noticed a decline in boxmap releases and I'm proud of you guys. I also noticed y'all niBBas are too smart to put Brutus in to such a small map so I made an alternative which you theoretically could. Package is drag and drop but you must manually move zm_buried_ghost.gsc to your...
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    Help Jukebox and bows

    There is a possibility i'll remake the bows and since the jukebox became somewhat popular now imma prob fix it up https://forum.modme.co/threads/jukebox.1136/#post-13619 https://forum.modme.co/threads/elemental-bows.2382/