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  1. DTZxPorter

    Info Standalone installer framework back online

    The Modme standalone installers have been migrated and re-setup with the latest modifications to aid in quick, safe mod installation. All downloads equipped with the Modme Standalone Installer will automatically start working again.
  2. DTZxPorter

    Info Mod downloads will make a return

    Hi all, I've gotten a lot of message about missing mod download links... We still have all of the data associated with them and will be bringing them to a rebuilt downloads section in the coming weeks.
  3. DTZxPorter

    Released L3ak Mod (LUI for Black Ops 3)

    L3akMod - D3V Team This page will serve as the directory for L3akMod, and will always have the most up-to-date documentation link. Wiki Documentation & Download: Wiki Docs - The D3V Team
  4. DTZxPorter

    Released DarkIris Tools (Paint.Net)

    DarkIris Tools A paint.net plugin for patching normal maps back to their blue-scale states and extracting the different, combined channels to a separate image file. Usage: Extract DarkIris.dll from the download (below) and copy it to (paint.net root\Effects\DarkIris.dll) restart paint.net and...
  5. DTZxPorter

    Info PSA - "en_levelcommon_all" missing fix

    Hey guys, so there is a little bug with the tools right now, specifically your Black Ops 3 Install. The fix is simple, you just have to verify the game cache of Black Ops 3 itself. To verify the cache in steam (Right click on Black Ops 3):
  6. DTZxPorter

    Info New forums information

    Welcome! Modme is finally updated, bringing all of the new features right to you modders. In addition, we're bringing a wider range of forums to help accumulate new members with discussion about game reverse engineering and other topics related to gaming. This post will serve as a new forum...
  7. DTZxPorter

    Info Requesting a game modding subforum

    Welcome to Modme! Previously we focused heavily on modding Call of Duty, but with the gaming communities interests shifting, we have decided to open up the forums for all game research and discussion revolving modding. As such, this thread will serve as a way for you to request a subform for a...