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    Trigger_damage acting different depending on players in game

    I'm using Icegernade's shootable easter egg and I've changed some of the thresholds to take more damage before the trigger activates. How can I make the trigger take more damage if there are more than one player in the game (similar to how in boss fights, the bosses take more damage if there are...
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    anyone know how to make sprinters from round 1 please

    sorry for the late response...I realize you've either given up or figured it out by now, but if not : Put this in main function: level thread new_zombie_speed(); and put this of the bottom of mapname.gsc function new_zombie_speed() { level flag::wait_till( "initial_blackscreen_passed" )...
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    I do have a flashlight, however I don't know if it works on all weapons (I've never used it tbh) or if its even an attachment for a weapon at all...I can send you it if need be, but it should be your last resort
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    Help Import marastagua (soe) In custom map?

    did it work flawlessly?
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    Help Import marastagua (soe) In custom map?

    select your actor (the floating thing that looks like a zombie) click remap class and type "usermap" and select the usermap spawner. The default ones doesn't have all the animations. also the error could be that you either didn't download everything you need or you didn't drag it into your root...
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    Help Import marastagua (soe) In custom map?

    It should also be noted that you have to change the default factory spawner to the usermap spawner
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    Help Any way to disable drops?

    how do I do this for one specific zone only
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    Answered Help scripting small EE Fight

    is there a way to spawn multiple brutus instead of dogs?
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    no powerups in a certain area

    I've been told there is a KVP you can give a volume to disable powerups in that specific area...does anyone know what it is?
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    Released Madgaz's Custom Perk Pack (Banana Colada, Madgaz Moonshine, Crusader Ale, Bull Ice Blast)

    If you open the perks GSH file (located in yourmap>scripts>zm) find this line: #define MADGAZ_MOONSHINE_PERK_COST 10 //2000 (should be second line under "settings" change 10 to 2000 or whatever you want it to be that is for Madgaz_Moonshine. do the same thing for other...
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    disable drops in one zone

    that didn't seem to work....I appreciate the help though!
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    disable drops in one zone

    I want drops to spawn in the entire map except for one zone. Any help will be much appreciated:)
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    Released Madgaz's Custom Perk Pack (Banana Colada, Madgaz Moonshine, Crusader Ale, Bull Ice Blast)

    I got the same error, I hit ignore when the error message popped up and everything worked flawlessly
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    Help Change Widow's Wine Knife?

    zm_utility::register_melee_weapon_for_level( WIDOWS_WINE_KNIFE ); level.w_widows_wine_knife = GetWeapon( WIDOWS_WINE_KNIFE ); zm_utility::register_melee_weapon_for_level( WIDOWS_WINE_BOWIE_KNIFE ); level.w_widows_wine_bowie_knife = GetWeapon( WIDOWS_WINE_BOWIE_KNIFE )...
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    Making your character climb a ladder

    Ah brilliant, much appreciated
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    Making your character climb a ladder

    I'm using a climb texture on a ladder, and my character will climb it but 6/10 times will fall at the top. Is there anyway to make it more consistent? Also I tried making the texture taller and doing that made it so I couldn't get down...
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    Working on maps together

    Is there a way to work on a zombies map with someone else similar to google docs where everyone can work on it at once?
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    Map Won't open in radiant

    I've been working on a map for around 2 weeks, been working flawlessly. Until tonight I added a room and it will no longer open in radiant. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Constant Brutus Spawn in a Certain Zone

    How do I implement that so it pertains to one zone only?