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    Help Need Help. custom melee weapons Stormbreaker Leviathan axe

    I was working on a melee weapon The First Blade had to stop the mesh was no good, so I'm modeling a new one. I'm new so it may take a while. Right know I am trying to make a new melee weapon from a model I downloaded from Turbo Squid I think( by elite gamer that is all the info on the original...
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    Work In Progress Porting the First Blade into bo3

    I'm porting the first blade from the show Supernatural into my map as a melee weapon to do so can I just copy the Bowie knife asset and ape and place it in my custom gdts and then overwrite the information with my first Blade model or should I set it up as a new asset as a melee asset also can I...
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    Answered Adding Banana Colada or other perks

    If I Used Icegrenades Tutorial map in radiant, and already have who's who, and vulture aid working, do I need to mess with luna at all?
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    Help Moon style Barrier.

    I am making a Sci-Fi style map and was wondering how I would put barricades in like they had on the moon where it was that they pulled away from how would I do that any help is appreciated
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    Help need harrybo21 weapon ports

    I need the harrybo21 weapon ports to make the dragon shield quest work and all of the links are dead just get this message. The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This could be due to the following reasons: The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation. Invalid...
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    Help Harrybo21's Dragon shield Not working

    I downloaded the The dragon shield craftable from modme's wiki guide , followed the instructions and it doesn't work I get the errors listed bellow when linking and compiling. If I run my map (having it ignore errors so it loads) the Dragon shield pieces are the game and it will let me collect...
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    Help Add KVP to a weapon prefab.

    since I am having no luck changing the weapons cost on my wallbuys through the wepons.csv file, my wallbuy prefabs from craftedanimation can I open a prefab in radiant, enter the prefab select the script struct and give it a kvp of zombie_cost and a value of day 500 and exit the prefab save and...
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    Help Can't import any custom weapons

    I am at a complete loss here I have been trying to add to weapons from Sky's bo4 weapons the strife and Maddox the game will give me them as a start weapon or give them to me, but the wall by for the Maddox does not work the prefab that came with it it says 0 for the cost and will not ever give...