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black ops 4

  1. N

    BO4 wraith supporting the game, but not this version, can i fix it?

    I have a BO4 PC license. But i can't port models from there. Can i fix it, and port models from there? Port models for map for BO3, of course.
  2. Planet

    Released Planet's BO4 Victis crew port

    As seen in the map Fort Rapture I give you the Victis crew ported directly from Tag der Toten, these are 1:1 ports so there shouldn't be any issues, but do let me know if you find anything wrong. I forgot to rename and include an asset, right now the misty full-body included in the download is...
  3. FrostIceforge

    Released [Drag & Drop] BO4 Carpenter (Shield Repair)

    Black Ops 4 style Carpenter drops, repairs the zombie shield on grab, so now Carpenter's not freaking useless 😄 Download v1.0 Installation instructions included in download.
  4. S

    Black Ops 4 Models

    If you have any special model on Black Ops 4 that you need let me know
  5. D

    Help How to import Bo4 assets?

    So i'm basically looking for how to import models, textures & anims out of bo4. I've exported a everything using greyhound but have no idea where to go from here. So am wondering if there is a tutorial/ guide on this kind of stuff. Thanks :)
  6. Pepergogo

    Released Black Ops 4 announcer

    I was looking for the announcer quotes from Black Ops 4 and I didn't find anything. So I record the audios and figure it out how to put in my maps and it work! Black Ops 4 announcer: Download This include the announcer from the Chaos story, the Aether story and the Rush mode. Any opinion...