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  1. S

    Help Custom Skybox Issues

    Hello guys so I've been working on adding 2 areas of the map, one on the moon and one not, I was wondering if multiple skyboxes was possible one for each area along with that I keep having issues with custom skyboxes not working, ending up as the default error color. Is there any way to fix this...
  2. Koguchi

    Cannot cast undefined to string

    Hey all, I'm having YET ANOTHER issue with my map. This time its a Blockers.gsc issue. I literally have never had this problem before. If anybody can help me on this I'd appreciate it a ton. The error only came up after I moved the map over to a new file (I was having issues with it before...
  3. Koguchi

    Carriage return embedded in string literal

    So I've moved my old, bugged out map over to a new file and resumed work on it. After reinstalling all of the scripts and whatnot to make it function as it did before the issues that halted work on it came about, I'm now getting a new error that I've never had before and can't find anything for...
  4. S

    Answered Traversal Issues for Zombies

    TLDR: Need screenshots of spawner traversals fully scripted right Hello again I am posting this asking about help on traversals, I have looked at numerous posts in regards to this issue, downloading Jbird's updated traversals, replacing the actor, tried stamping the prefab, linking the struct...
  5. W

    Chronicles Assets

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to map making and just bought zombies chronicles on b03. Is there a way without importing assets from older games to use the chronicles weapons such as the mark 2, staffs and zap guns in my maps?
  6. S

    Help Disabling Zombie Respawn (Mod)

    Hello, May anyone help me figure out a way to disable zombies from respawning when too far away (in a mod)? Similar to BO1 how the zombies did not ever respawn, even crawlers, when far away. Thanks, Michael
  7. Koguchi

    Probe fade makes walls bright

    So since my other map has been having problems, I've decided to try working on a new map just temporarily till I get the other problems fixed. Of course, this one isn't without weird quirks either. In an attempt to make my probes fade so they light up doorways, they make my entire wall bright as...
  8. S

    Help Sprint/slide Reload Cancel

    Hi all, Is it possible to, when sprinting/sliding, cancel the reload animation? The behavior is used in older CoD games, like mw2, waw, etc. to stop the player from reloading while sprinting. Best, Michael
  9. Nokia

    PHD not working with custom weapons

    So I have Wardogs perk pack, and ive installed it, it works fine with grenades and they wont kill me, but I also have custom weapons, and they allow me to take explosive damage, is there something I can do to maybe stop this?
  10. N

    Bone tool is not working on Zombie model.

    Bones isn't working on Zombie model into Radiant, it's should work, but its not. Screenshot was attached under these messages.
  11. Wunderzorro

    Escort Easter Egg?

    Hey, I want to make an escort easter egg inspired by @KillJoy I really enjoyed his blockbuster map and I wan't to know how he make's his escorting easter eggs. I want to make an easter egg in a map that is kinda similar.
  12. NatureNorman78

    Answered I DIE RIGHT AWAY WHEN EVER I RUN MY MAP! (please help)

    every time i load up my map I die, i have been working on this for hours to try and fix it but i can't. I've redone all of my zones and i still have no idea what it is, i think its probably something in the code please help
  13. Ross.ow

    Help Invisible textures and detection problems

    Hi guys, after editing my map the floor became invisible in game. The floor is still visible in the radiant and radiant game view. Also the zombies are unable to hit me and i am unable to knife. I'm not sure if the errors are related as i am fairly new to mapping. Photo + video can be provided...
  14. S

    Help Placing Perks on a BO3 Base Map (MOD)

    Hey All, I'm currently trying to figure out how to place perks around a BO3 base map. For example, placing Pack-a-Punch in the power room on Verrückt. Does anyone have any input on how to implement something like the example? Thanks.
  15. A

    My rounds won't start

  16. A

    Help How do I backup my custom maps from Radiant, and how do I backup the custom maps I downloaded too.

    Hello, I am currently trying to run BO3, sadly it ain't working tho. So can anyone tell me how I can backup my custom maps and the maps I downloaded from the workshop? I need them, I have hours clocked into them.
  17. V

    Map can't be played in other countries

    I recently just released my new map and I have had a couple complaints that it is not playable in other countries such as Germany and Austria, from what people have told me. I would love to fix this so everyone can play my map, so does anyone know how to fix this?
  18. S

    [HELP] 24 Zombies per Round in Solo

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure out how to only have 24 zombies per round during solo mode (Similar to Nacht der Untoten). However, I can't seem to figure out how to implement such feature (probably in _zm.gsc somewhere). Does anyone know how to incorporate the 24 zombie round cap? Thanks!
  19. 777tones

    [Custom Kino Skins] Would anyone be able to send me gib_gore asset files? My honorgaurd limbs and stumps are missing these materials.

    File names: mtl_c_gen_gib_gore_arm_right mtl_c_gen_gib_gore_arm_right_a mtl_c_zom_dlchd_sumpf_zombie_head_2_bloat mtl_c_zom_dlchd_zombie_eyes_bloat mtl_c_zom_dlchd_sumpf_zombie_head_4_bloat Basically its a bunch of materials... Ive already installed additional assets and have no problems with...
  20. S

    Removing Double Tap 2.0's Double Bullet Feature

    What's up guys, I'm currently making a mod for The Giant. I would like to know how to remove the double bullet effect from Double Tap 2.0 to see how it plays out. Call me crazy LMAO! Leave a comment below for some help. Thanks