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    BO4 wraith supporting the game, but not this version, can i fix it?

    I have a BO4 PC license. But i can't port models from there. Can i fix it, and port models from there? Port models for map for BO3, of course.
  2. D

    Help Make me weapons because I'm lazy

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to help me out with custom weapons for my "movie themed" medieval map. I'm mainly looking for themed melee weapons and a bow'n'arrow to use (not the DE bow) for quality map immersion. I am more than happy to pay anyone for their time and can negotiate prices...
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    Help Problem with importing a custom model.

    So i've got no idea what's wrong with this situation, I'm trying to import the M6g from halo as a weapon and i'm getting this error. It's in 3 parts so that could be contributing to this??? Also i've triple checked and the directory is definitely correct. Thanks for the help.