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Info All tools with the prefix 'Wraith' are discontinued


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As most already know, tools that have the 'Wraith' prefix are discontinued. I no longer have the source for anything outside of what was already released.
Tools that are not branded 'Wraith' are mostly still in flight, including 'Legion' and 'Vega'. These are considered k-series tools (built on kore lib) and are still in-dev (may receive updates.)

captain po

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hey im makin video about apex, thanks to your program i could make video more better.
in using your program a year, I was thinking of i definitely donating,, but I always put it off. really sorry about that
but today i tried to donate with paypal but its saying "Donations to this recipient are not supported in this country."
is there another way to donate you, please tell me
and thanks for the great work for apex fandom