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BO4 Supersprinter Zombie Animations


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So, I spent a good week or so trying to find these animations and I managed to find some of them.
These are the supersprinter animations zombies use in bo4 starting on round 50+ So I'd assume not many people had seen them.
To give you a good idea on how fast these anims are, zombies would be able to catch up to the player if they weren't sprinting.



Open the downloaded zip file and drag the "xanim_export" folder into your main bo3 directory.
Then open "APE" and search for "ai_zombie_base" and after that you can replace any of the movement anims with ssprinter ones or I'd recommend replacing only sprint ones.
Also, each ssprinter anim comes with a custom "pain_chest_f" and "pain_chest_f_alt" variation to use when a zombie get's shot, it's recommended you do this so when a zombie gets shot they don't slow down to the original anim.
Once you do all you wanted to do, you can compile your map.

Enjoy your fast zombies!
Treyarch for Animations
Scobalula for Greyhound
Ghostlycreep for Porting Animations

Include these in your map description if you use these anims.

Note: If I'm missing anybody let me know, this is only my second time uploading something.