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Help Changing Perk Machine???


Basically having trouble changing the perk machine for my map. When I load the game all that's there is the SpeedCola machine instead of the one I want.
I've been following this tutorial
I am using L3akMod so do I have to do anything special?


I have been trying this as well, but to no avail... I use Harry's perks and it has something to do with the gscc.(I think) I don't know if this will work for your map, but on the map i'm working on I just flipped the machines upside down and put them under the map with just the bottom sticking out lol then put my machines on top. Hope this helps you out...(y)
your perk machine is one way or another not being registered as the perks actual model, you've messed up something in the .zone file or the gsc or haven't added the perk to your actual mod in .csv

basically it doesn't know what the machine is you set so its resorting to the default speed cola machine


Sounds like I may need to modify the (.csv) file that you mentioned there since I've triple checked the .gsc & .zone files and can't find anything at fault.
So what exactly would we need to do with it?


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If it saves you the hassle, I did this before and eventually because there were so many script files in my map folder it would not run the game.

It’s definitely doable but it’s always messed up for me so I’m just saying Be careful if you succeed in this cause it may end upmaking your map not run