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Released Customizable PHD Flopper - Call of Duty: Black Ops III


After a bunch of procrastination, here you go; a customizable PHD Flopper for Black Ops III, this comes with the jump/slide off edge explosion, explosions while sliding, explosive/fall damage immunity and an explosive damage increase - all customizable to your liking!


(Thanks you Skalv for this image!)

  • There is a high chance this pack will collide with other packs, please fix any and all duplicate errors instead of ticking "Ignore Errors" in the Mod Tools Launcher.
  • If the perk jingle sound doesn't work, just re-link the map until it works. The sound convert is wack and has issues.


Download Link

To begin; download the files and extract all content besides "usermaps" into your Black Ops 3 Root.

Secondly, open the "usermaps/YOURMAP" folders in the PHD Flopper zip file, and drag and drop the "scripts" folder in your own map, located in "Black Ops 3 Root/usermaps/YOURMAP"

Thirdly, open your maps .zone file, you can do this by going to the Launcher, right click your map and press "Edit Zone File" and include the following content in your .zone file (Make sure the content does NOT go above the // BSP comment in the .zone file!):

// PHD
Next, lets make the perk jingle work! Go to "Black Ops 3 Root/usermaps/YOURMAP/sound/zoneconfig" and open up your .scz file. Under this:

    "Type" : "ALIAS",
    "Name" : "user_aliases",
    "Filename" : "user_aliases.csv",
    "Specs" : [ ]
paste the following:
    "Type" : "ALIAS",
    "Name" : "ray_phdflopper",
    "Filename" : "ray_phdflopper.csv",
    "Specs" : [ ]
Now that the jingles are set up, lets make the perk work! First off, go to your mapname scripts, located in "Black Ops 3 Root/usermaps/YOURMAP/scripts/zm", open both your zm_mapname .gsc and .csc and include #using scripts\zm\perks\_zm_perk_phdflopper; under #using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;

To make the perk have a perk icon in the map when you buy it, you will need a LUA file with the perk container. Please follow this tutorial if you have no clue how this works.

Once you have followed the tutorial, in the "CoD.ZMPerksFactory" widget, add the following line: phdflopper = "specialty_phdflopper_zombies",
Please make sure that you do not have the comma at the end if it's the last entry in the widget! If you do not remove the comma, the compiler will error!


Now, lets put the perk in your map! Open your map in Radiant and go to the "Prefab Browser" (right click anywhere at the top toolbar), go to "_prefabs > _mikeyray > perks > phd_flopper" and put the "vending_phd_struct.map" in your map.

That's it! Your perk should now be usable inside of your map! Please note that I've allowed a good amount of customizability within the perk. If you want to customize the perk, go to "Black Ops 3 Root/usermaps/YOURMAP/scripts/zm/perks" and open the _zm_perk_phdflopper.gsh. Go nuts!

If there's any issues, please let me know. Contact me on Discord: MikeyRay#6592

Please credit the people mentioned if you are going to use this for any projects.

  • MikeyRay: Scripting, setting up the models, perk bottles etc
  • Humphrey: Model Rip
  • MotoLegacy: Jingle, stats, perk icon, scripting help
  • JBird632: Scripting help
  • Activision & Treyarch: Assets
  • Scobalula: Tools