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Released Fixed dogs


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We all know how broken the dogs are in BO3. Not sure how no one at Treyarch thought to figure out why in the game's lifetime. It really wasn't very difficult.

To start, go to your black ops 3 root folder. In zone_source\all\assetlist find zm_patch.csv and open it.

Find the line scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/_zm_ai_dogs.gsc and comment it out.

In your map's zone file add scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/_zm_ai_dogs.gsc

Download my _zm_ai_dogs.gsc and put it in your map's scripts\zm folder.

Link your map and test.

This will spawn 4 dogs at a time per player and doubles the amount of dogs per round. It will also increase the dog health each dog round up to 3500. A big difference from the 100 health Treyarch had it set to.

You can edit the file however you want. Each line that I changed has a comment with the word "custom" in it so you can search for the word custom to find all the lines I've changed.

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dont know if its necessary but i added

#using scripts\zm\_zm_ai_dogs

in my mapname gsc