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Good looking L.U.T


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Hey all, I was curious about what settings I should mess around with to get a really good coloring on my L.U.T for my map. Ive messed around with it a lot and I can never get it to a really crisp color that a lot of good mappers use. Basically, I want a crisp and clean L.U.T. that brings out the definition in my map for the colors. Not so much like Xela's maps, but something like that lol. (His maps look incredible due to his L.U.T.'s)

Also, ive heard of "Docq" tables, but when I try to download them I can't convert them or use them because they are a ".3dl" file. Does anyone know a download site that has L.U.T's that can be edited in the program GIMP, so I can change them?