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Help Help with broken wallbuys


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I downloaded Skye's BO4 Weapon Ports and put them into my map. These weapons are accessible via console commands but when I try to buy them off the wall, I can't.

Before level restart:

After level restart:

Any idea what could possibly be wrong in my map's zone files and/or .gsc .csv scripts?


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i had 0 point wallbuy when i used both harrys guns and other gun packs in same map... but i could still buy it for full price. can u buy it in either scenario?


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idk, mine only showed as 0 when i had too many conflicting gun packs... you can check the weapons csv (levelcommon in shared or wherever you keep these) and make sure the first number value isnt 0


I have managed to fix this issue!

What i did was I took the levelcommon price, and kept it the way it was.
i then added the zombie_cost KVP and made it the same as the levelcommon. This seemed to work. I was able to see the correct price, and purchase it for that price, too.

I also removed any spaces i had in the levelcommon file, but im not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I hope this works for you and anyone else having this issue!!!


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Does your fix apply to the ammo price of normal and pack a punched versions? ive noticed custom guns such as skye ww2 guns will show the wrong price for the pap ammo wallbuy (supposed to be 4500 for all guns)