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Help How to Fix/Realign Anims?


Is there a way to modify the position of the viewarms/weapon so the Raygun appears as it normally should?

I decided to create a buffed Raygun, as the standard one is too weak.
The image below shows this instance of the Raygun, as shown by the green battery as opposed to the generic blue (Both are considered different weapons).

I have ripped all the assets from BO3, including models, images and anims.

The animations work, but are virtually out of view. (For reference, this is the idle anim)
It affects both the custom and base Raygun too, so I can attribute it to problems with the animations.

I have no idea what is causing this to happen.

I have done the following:
  • The Raygun is a view model with type animated.
  • The viewarms are from Bo3 (Firebreak's).
  • The joints have been bound properly and the animations work as intended in 3rd person preview mode with both Maya and APE.
  • The anims utilise the entirety of the joint hierarchy. I have tried exporting all joints from tag_torso and below too with no luck.
  • The animation settings in APE do not use bones, and are set to relative.
So what causes this to happen?20201204160227_1.jpg
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for most anims you select tag_torso, tag_cambone and THEIR hierarchy
for ads anims just tag_torso and tag_view
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