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I Need Help Porting Weapons


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Thread By: ghcfgj
Hi can anyone help/teach me how to port weapons to world at war.?

Im making a zombies map for world at war. Now i know black ops 3 modtools are out and
no one is really making maps for waw now but im new to this and i wanted to learn so i started with world at war.

So i am wanting to add some weapons from BO3, BO2 and IW. (I have all three games on steam)
These are some of the guns i am wanting to port from black ops 3.
I have all the xmodels and xanims for each of the weapons i have.

I have tried porting them myself without help but i am getting no where. :/

If anyone could help me or port some weapons for me please let me know.

- Thanks in advance

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