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Released Madgaz's Custom Perk Pack (Banana Colada, Madgaz Moonshine, Crusader Ale, Bull Ice Blast)


nvm i fixed it but the only question i have is why does it only cost 10 points
If you open the perks GSH file (located in yourmap>scripts>zm) find this line:
#define MADGAZ_MOONSHINE_PERK_COST 10 //2000 (should be second line under "settings" change 10 to 2000 or whatever you want it to be

that is for Madgaz_Moonshine. do the same thing for other perks if need be


Hello Madgaz I really just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much for all that you do. I follow you, jaybird, and uptown on you tube for your BO3 tutorials. It really is amazing what all of you modders here are capable of. I'm so new to modding I have only been doing like two weeks now. I haven't got to the point of adding in custom perks, but your custom perks are what made me wan't to star to mod. I will be using your perks when I get there, but I'm still having trouble getting the custom weapon wallbuys to have a cost and let me use them, I ca't even change the cost of any wall buy weapon in the .csv weapon table. I hope to one day make my own perk got some good ideas, but till then I will be more than happy to use what you have provided. THANK YOU.