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Maya Help: CoD2 Grease Gun to BO


New member
Hey there! Recently been trying to port the CoD2 Grease Gun over to BO through the usage of the CoD2 -> TX conversion rig found on this site, as well as Tom's xanim tools, but have been running into some trouble. I seem to be doing everything correctly though. I have:
. Correctly bound the joints to the model
. Dragged on the included viewhands
. Dragged the j_gun joint under tag_weapon
. Exported the viewhand joints + 1 weapon mesh as an xmodel to use for exporting the xanims
. Properly selected the tag_torso and tag_cambone hierarchies when exporting the animation

When I drag on a .tanim onto the rig, the animation plays out perfectly. But in game, well, it kinda looks like this:

What am I doing wrong? Has anybody else here used this tool before? I see someone on cfgfactory has had success with porting the CoD2 PPS-42, so it's definitely do-able, I just have zero idea what's going wrong in my case. Any help would be most appreciated!