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Modme is finally updated, bringing all of the new features right to you modders. In addition, we're bringing a wider range of forums to help accumulate new members with discussion about game reverse engineering and other topics related to gaming.

This post will serve as a new forum FAQ thread, as such it will remain locked, any feedback requests please use the 'Feedback' forum.

  • Why can't I sign in:
    • All old Modme accounts have been discontinued, you must re-register using the new forum, or, link one of the supported accounts. Sorry!
  • Why can't I edit my old post:
    • If your old post has been transferred over, it was resubmitted by our bot that aided in the transition to the new forums, By request only for the next few months, you can request that an administrator transfers the post back to your NEW Modme account, which will allow you to modify the content again.
  • Why can't I find my old post:
    • Some old posts have failed to transfer over due to the OP post size or > 20 images per post, if you fall under this case, you must rebuild the post using multiple messages, sorry for the inconvenience!
  • My old post doesn't look the same:
    • Not all formatting options will apply to the new forums directly, for instance, the 'Download' button was removed, and now, you can directly embed images on the forum. If you regain edit access you can reformat the old post however you like.
  • I can't find an old thread from the old Modme:
    • Some of the threads have been discontinued and merged with other threads, the use of thread prefixes (Formally Topic Tags) will allow you to properly mark your content for people to find.
  • Ads!!!???:
    • From when Modme first released we didn't serve a single advertisement because I didn't believe in advertising a non-finished platform. Now that we are stable and ready for a bigger audience, we will run a single ad per-page, non-obtrusive, and you can remove ads entirely by making a donation of $5 USD or greater which gives you the 'Supporter' banner. The ad revenue keeps the site alive, pays for hosting and the rest goes directly to supporting game modding and reverse engineering.
  • I am missing a 'Flair' from the old Modme:
    • We are still in the process of designing new forum banners, if a banner exists and you had it previously, you may request that a moderator or administrator assigns it to you.

There is a new post text limit of 15,000 characters per post, so, if you're the OP, you may need to reserve space if need be. This is to keep the forum posts sane.

Thanks for sticking around with us and we look forward to growing together this summer!
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