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Released Spiki's asset dump


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Aight so as some of you know I quit mapping mostly because I don't like the fact that some people use our work to pay their rent.
Anyway since I'm done I decided to release all my stuff since there's no point for it to be collecting dust on my hard drive. Or whatever it would be collecting idk. It's ironic cuz I'm an electrical engineer and idk lol.
Much of this was made with Scobalula's tools.

ANYWAY pics:

This pack includes:
-Panzer Origins
-Apothicon fury
-Sentinel drone
-Raps (Meatballs from Shadows of evil)
-Keeper (no sound)

The panzers are superior to Harry's cuz i said so :). Also if you install this you MUST uninstall his because of the gdt conflict. Also they're compatible with my bows.
Materials may not be official because most of this has been done bofore hydra exported them.
Try before you buy. JK. Also if there are missing assets get them from this link


Ok now for the shit you don't care about:
(Only scripts. Doesn't include sounds or images)
-Ambient music
--Edited treyarch's script to play ambient music for rooms. Also includes a script for tension sounds.
--Gauntlet from Mario 64: Shadow World Gauntlet
--Gun game from Blood Run
--Also from Blood Run. An RCXD that carries a powerup around the map
-Revive me I have the ray gun
--Plays a sound and spawns an image above the player if he goes down with the ray gun
-Blood run scripts
-Mario 64 Shadow world scripts


If I see any of these AI in a box map or some shit you made in 20 mins (or anything you clearly didn't put alot of thought and work into) I'll remove this post and yeet. If you repost my pack there will be hell
Instructions for everything are simple, require some knowledge and are in the download. If you know your way around the tools it won't be a problem.
This will never be updated unless there's a major problem!!!
I will not hold your hand through the installation. If you ask for it you prob should not be using this anyway :cautious:

Base pack required. Don't need previous updates
Update 2020 04 08

PW: Chungus4Prez
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GCPeinhardt said he's making a box map.
Deal's off

Forgot to say mechz is compatible with my bows
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I don`t know what the password is but I want to know. is this a april fools. by the way the instruction video is just the song Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up. so whats the password. by the way there is no dickpics he lied
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I'm never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give it up!!!!!!!!!!!

That's not the password.
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