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Answered Traversal Issues for Zombies

TLDR: Need screenshots of spawner traversals fully scripted right

Hello again I am posting this asking about help on traversals, I have looked at numerous posts in regards to this issue, downloading Jbird's updated traversals, replacing the actor, tried stamping the prefab, linking the struct to the initial animation box, and in all cases the zombie spawn and don't move. Can someone help with this issue? I am not too good when it comes to traversals for zombies to spawn in and use a traversal to enter the map. Any help would be appreciated because especially for certain parts of my map I solely rely on traversals for zombies to enter. If someone can give a example of what they do for a traversal spawner please let me know so I can sort this issue out, as right now my map is dead in the water.
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I'm not a zombie mapper, but i've seen this question asked many times. Usually its because your map level\spawns are below x axis and the'yre getting stuck in the ground. Best answer I can give.


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if you're using boarded windows then the script_string on the window prefab and the spawn struct have to be the same
if you're using normal traversals then you just put find_flesh as the script_string on the struct and they'll path to the player
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll try this out when I get some free time this afternoon and let you know if that solved the issues.

Edit* I want to say thanks to both of you as now my traversals work, for some reason I managed to get a old Treyarch traversal stuck in my prefab folder and was unknowingly using that mixed in with the updated traversals, now they work all I will have to do is replace like 3 traversals with the newer ones thanks again!
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