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Unlocking Supply Drop Weapons in MP Mod

Hello all,
Is there a way to unlock the supply drop/loot weapons within an MP mod (for Create-a-Class)? Can camos also be done?
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For camos it is in gamedata\weapons\common\attachmentTable.csv. Copy that to your mod.
There are a bunch of them that will say loot, extras, mtx, personalization pack near the end of the line. Delete those words from the lines.
For unlocking the loot weapons maybe you can in gamedata\stats\mp\mp_statstable.csv
i THINK there lock status are determined by some other file we don't have.
I believe you are correct. Even adding the guns to default classes the game won't let you choose that class unless you have that gun unlocked. Amazing the lengths they've gone to to keep them from being used in a mod. A workaround would be to make your own weaponfiles of a different name and then add those to the mp_stattable. All assets are already in game so you just need to know the names of the models, animations, sounds, and have all the stats for the gun to recreate the files.
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Create a folder in your mod gamedata\loot. Put any csv file in that folder and rename it to mplootitems.csv.
Edit the csv and select all and delete everything. Add this single line to it.
All guns will now be unlocked.


The calling card menu is also locked BUT as for why CAC is locked, i think it has something to do with the M14 line and the line for some unknown sniper called "mosin_sniper" being removed causing the lock for CAC sadly i ran out of time so i didn't get to test it.
I've just tested and I get no errors. My mod however is a fresh mod with only the mplootitems.csv as the only modified file.


Interesting,i decide just to unlock SOME of the guns and leave everything else unlocked, which worked i was able to mess with CAC like normal. Overall thank you for looking into this, in the end we did get our answer which worked.