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Released Zombie Kenny's BO3 Assets


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Zombie Kenny's BO3 Assets

In this thread i'll release some textures and models from time to time.
Everything is royalty-free and you don't need to credit me if you use anything from this page.
Every pack can be extracted directly into your BO3 root directory.
All of my assets have the prefix "_zk" or "_kenny".
Happy mapping!


Paintings Pack

The models are named "_zk_picture_"

Download (3.5 Mb)


Graffiti Pack

This pack contains 40 graffiti decals.
I didn't make the textures, i just converted a free pack that i found online.
The textures are named "_zk_graffiti_"

Download (11.4 Mb)

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Added: Textures, Graffiti Pack

update: i uploaded the wrong files initially, but it should work now
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