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where to put B&w script

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Thread By: Ahmed02354
I know i ask a lot and I feel like a baby in the scripting world, But if I dont ask I wont get an answer,
So this question has kinda already been answered but it was not clear enough where in my

scripts folder do I have to place this. Do I have to paste it in there as one part? or are there phrases that I have to paste somewhere else in the folder?

#using scripts\shared\flag_shared;

#namespace bw_vision;

function main()
level.vision_correction = 0;
level flag::wait_till( "all_players_connected" );
VisionSetNaked( "zombie_last_stand" );
players = getplayers();
foreach( player in players )
player thread revive_vision_override();

level waittill( "power_on" );
VisionSetNaked( "zm_factory" );

function revive_vision_override()
level endon( "power_on" );

self waittill( "player_revived" );
if( level.vision_correction )
VisionSetNaked( "zombie_last_stand", 0.05 );
level.vision_correction = 0;
VisionSetNaked( "bw", 0.05 );