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how to find a door’s animations

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Thread By: FrankXu225
Hi guys! I saw some xmodels in APE has the type "animated". And I found some tutorials about how to use scripting to make an model play animations. However, with the function:

<ol><li>driver AnimScripted( "germantruck_driver_closedoor", org , angles, driver.closedooranim )</li>
I need to know the name of the animation ("driver.closedooranim" in above example). Do you guys know where to find those animation names/strings? I try to find them in APE but I failed.

Like the first fence-gate in "Shadow of Evil". When you spend points it opens with an animation (if you don't know, this is the first gate in the game). I found this xmodel in APE, it's called "p7_fxanim_zm_zod_gate_scissor_mod.xmodel". I cannot find any xanim related to this door, is there any doc I can look to find its animation name/string?

Thanks for the help!