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Change skybox trigger

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Thread By: lightningplayz23
If you can help where I can have a trigger to change the skybox then thanks!!!


Reply By: Abnormal202
In Bo3, the game uses Lightingstates for different skyboxes. You can have up to 4 different lighting states on the skybox in 1 map, and when the game starts it should default to lightingstate 1.

you can change the lightingstate through script using:

level util::set_lighting_state(2);
where "2" is the lighting state you are setting it to.

if you want a trigger that sets the lighting state, give it the targetname "skybox_trigger" and use this script:
function change_skybox()
	trig = GetEnt("skybox_trigger","targetname");
	trig waittill("trigger",player);
	level util::set_lighting_state(2);
and make sure to thread it by putting this in your main() function:
thread change_skybox();


wait where do i put all these scripts?