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Map Displayname, Preview picture & Mission Briefing

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Thread By: _Mr. Unp3rf3ct
Which scripts do I need to edit to change the display name of my map from zm_"mapname" to "Mapname"? Also how do I add a picture and Mission briefing? Am I just blind, because I see maps with names and briefings on the workshop, but no tutorial how to change it. Also i already read through all the map related scripts that I could find.

Help would be much appreciated.


Reply By: Dan9977
When you upload the map to the workshop you get to change the name and description.


Reply By: mathfag
Mapname is the Steam workshop name (doesn't show when you have the map selected and waiting for other players)
Mission briefing is the Steam workshop description
Pictures are in Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps\zm_mapname\zone loadingimage.png and previewimage.png