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Drawing Gobblegum notifications

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Thread By: Tustin
Since Treyarch bereft us of all gobblegum rawfiles, pretty much everything regarding them is unknown. However I was interested in adding some spice to my free perkaholic mod and wanted to draw the perkaholic notification. I did a bit of reversing and figured it out.

The notifications are done via LUI event notifications:

self LUINotifyEvent(&"zombie_bgb_notification", 1, 227);

The first arg is the event name for the generic background + animation that each gum notification has. Second arg just specifies how many args it should pass to LUI. Third arg is the index of the gobblegum in the stat table for zombies. Since Treyarch didn't include these with the mod tools, you can find it here: (thanks to Xylozi for these)

Just scroll down to all the gobblegums and the number at the very front of each line is it's index. Use that as the third argument in the function above and you're good to go. If you can figure out the triggers or whatever for using gum machines, you might be able to add your own gums but that would require much more work than just this.

Hope this helps.


Reply By: Kabe
Thanks man