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Thread By: NoScopeNinja25
The Community Bank allows you to share your points with your friends in a large money pool. When you add money to the bank everyone can access it. Points do not carry on to the next game. You can use whatever object you would like for the bank.

<h2>Installation Instructions: </h2>
<h3>Part 1: Downlaod and Extract Files</h3>
A. Drag the "sound_assets" and "share" folder from the zip file into your root folder "Call of Duty Black Ops III"

<h3>Part 2: Edit .gsc file</h3>
A. Paste the folllowing code at the top of your .gsc file which can be found in "Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps\MAPNAME\zm\":

#using scripts\custom\bank_community;
B. Paste the following code at the top of your main() function in your maps .gsc:
thread bank_community::init();			// Community Bank
<h3> </h3>
<h3>Part 2: Radiant</h3>
A. Open your map in radiant
B. Open the Entity Browser by pressing B
C. Search for trigger_use
D. Drag it into your map and place it where you want to deposit money
E. Open the Entity Info by pressing N and select the trigger
F. Change the "cursorhint" value to "HINT_NOICON"
G. Change the "targetname" value to "deposit_trig"
H. Deselect the trigger and drag a new one in from the Entity Browser
I. Place it where you want to withdraw money
J. Once again change the "cursorhint" value to "HINT_NOICON"
K. Change the "targetname" value to "withdraw_trig"
L. Compile and run your map before moving onto Part 3

<h3>Part 3: Sounds</h3>

A. Go into your useraliases.csv which can be found in "Call of Duty Black Ops III\share\raw\sound\aliases"
B. Open useraliases.csv with a text editor(ie. notepad)
C. Paste the following at the bottom(if you already have this then skip this step):
D. Save and exit
E. Now compile and run your map!

<h3>Part 3: Making Changes</h3>
A. If you want to change the deposit and withdraw sounds, or change how many points are taken from the player, open bank_community.gsc which can be found in "Call of Duty Black Ops III\share\raw\scripts\custom":
These are the variables I have set up in the init function:
level.balance = 0;                      // Starting Balance
level.deposit_amount = 1000;            // How much to deposit or withdraw
level.fee_amount = 100;                 // How much to charge for a withdrawl
level.deposit_sound = "bank_deposit";   // Can be "purchase accept", "bank_deposit", or a custom sound
level.withdraw_sound = "bank_withdraw"; // Can be "purchase accept", "bank_withdraw", or a custom sound
level.deny_sound = "purchase_deny";     // Can be "purchase_deny" or a custom sound

Please leave a comment if you are having trouble getting it to work.

- Put bank script in a separate file
- Added deposit and withdraw sounds

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