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Shootable to give weapons?

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Thread By: Lokii
How would i go around making one of these I just want so a guy can shoot something in the sky and it will give them a gun


Reply By: modric
Pretty easy to make yourself but I would recommend using abnormal's easy easter egg system so you can adjust variables and its all set up for you.


Reply By: mathfag
Add a trigger_damage to the area you want shot and name the targetname "d_trig".
Or if you want to shoot a model directly copy some code from here.

Paste this in your script

function autoexec damage_trig()
trig = GetEnt("d_trig","targetname");
trig waittill( "damage", amount, attacker );
attacker zm_weapons::weapon_give(getweapon("ray_gun"));
trig Delete();

No need for thread damage_trig();


Reply By: Harry Bo21

function model_gives_gun()
	e_model = getEnt( "shootable_gun_reward", "script_noteworthy" );
	e_model setCanDamage( 1 );
	while ( 1 )
		e_model waittill( "damage", damage, attacker, dir, point, mod, model, tag, part, weapon, flags, inflictor, chargeLevel );
		if ( attacker laststand::player_is_in_laststand() || IS_TRUE( attacker.intermission ) )
		if ( !zm_utility::is_player_valid( attacker ) )
	attacker zm_weapons::weapon_give( getWeapon( "weapon_name" ) );
	e_model delete();

paste at the bottom of your mapname gsc

then under


add this :

level thread model_gives_gun()

in radiant place a script_model of your choice and give it the kvp

shootable_gun_reward - script_noteworthy