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Help I get a error –“‘o_zombie_board_1_repair’ not found”

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Thread By: cheese


Reply By: The Black Death

When ever I build a map it gives me this error message: ^1ERROR: xanim 'o_zombie_board_1_repair' not found xanim:o_zombie_board_1_repair zbarrier:zmcore_basicwoodbarrier col_map:maps/zm/zm_music.d3dbsp And when it is done building, I hop in Game and I get barriers that have one board that is placed sticking out when reaping the window. If you know how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

There's an xanim asset which you are missing in APE.

Find in APE this GDT: t6_xanim_zombie

Create a new asset with Asset Type "xanim", called "o_zombie_board_1_repair".

Apply all of the settings in these following screenshot:

(Other settings within the xanim asset are default, or have no effect on the end result.)