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Tuto: Local Power

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Thread By: Symbo

HarryBO21 gave me a tips today, and as a good opportunist, i made a small video tutorial on it haha ;)

Turn on the power locally:

Harry's usefull comment on the tutorial :

"if the switch is stamped - or if they want to set the script_int on a zombie_door for example they should set it on the trigger same for the traps setting it on the prefab - i believe just automatically sets it to the things "inside" the prefab also if that kvp "isnt" already set on it if you had two structs in a prefab one had a script_noteworthy - the other didnt if you then set script_noteworthy on the prefab, only the struct that didnt have it, will be given it using prefabs makes putting things together much easier, much better than them stamping them"