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Thread By: Abnormal202

Sorry for the repost, someone pointed out that it would be better to have this in the Scripting Tutorial section

I apologize in advance for what you're about to see...

I don't have much experience in making/editing videos, my voice doesn't sounds like ass on camera, I sniffle my nose too much, the audio quality is shit, and I'm not exactly laser-focused on topic all the time.

That being said, if there's any way I can transfer scripting knowledge in a way that someone can understand and learn from, then it's worth a shot.

So here's my YouTube video tutorials on scripting in Black Ops 3:



I'll be adding on to this list as I get the time and make more videos. I want to see they're actually useful though before I precede to make more and more, so if there's any way you can give me an indication that it helped you (a like, a comment on this post or the video, etc.) that will definitely help.

I'm no super-genius at scripting either, so if you're an experienced scripter and notice something wrong, please help me (and more importantly the people watching) by letting me know what I said wrong. Keep in mind I may be simplifying things a bit to help explain concepts to beginner scripters.

Also I'm very open to suggestions on how to improve these videos. Should there be any sort of music in the background? Is the mic too quiet? Is the focus too all-over-place to figure out what I'm trying to teach?

But yeah, anyways, I hope this helps someone.