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Scripting A Multi-Step Easter Egg For My Map

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Thread By: Zixology
Just finished making the second map in a series that I've started a storyline for. The map is fully constructed and functional as a normal/playable map on a makeshift oil rig with doors, zones, spawns, perks, guns, characters, voices, etc. All that's left is a few extra voice lines and the main Easter Egg quest. I'm not great when it comes to scripting. I'm solely a mapper. So no, I'm not asking for help making a script. I'm asking for someone to make one.
Obviously, you will be given full credit for the script and I can even mark you as a creator on the workshop page, once it gets uploaded, if you'd like.

1. Player will activate a terminal by pressing "F" on a location after the power has been turned on.
2. A model, located in the map already, will require power by the player killing zombies nearby it.
3. Once powered, the model can be picked up and placed at another location.
4. Player will interact with the same terminal from before.
5. More zombie souls will be required at 2 other locations.
6. Once each is completed, an fx or flashing light will play on 3 targets.
7. Player will have to use a specific weapon to shoot 3 targets in any order. Once shot, the fx will stop.
8. Player will interact with the same terminal from the start.
9. Player will have to interact with a button located at the spawn area.
10. A geometric patch, textured to look like a structure, will move into view while the "earthquake" player effect is applied and a sound effect plays.

In between most of the steps, I would like to have audio lines play as a way of giving vague hints to the player.

If you are interested, I couldn't be more grateful. However, I'd prefer to not show screenshots or video on the forum. But feel free to add me on Discord and I can provide visuals of the map there.
Discord is Zixology #7499