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Best way to include fx in map?

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Thread By: modric
According to the wiki, loaded fx such as powerup grabbed fx are preloaded and dont need to be precached or anything in your maps gsc, zone etc. What about for fx found in radiant such as fire/fx_fire_ground_rubble_50x50? I have seen a bunch of different approaches to adding a radinat fx into your map through scripting, but what is the best/fastest way to having scripted fx's found in radiant?


Reply By: Symbo
In zone load the fx:


In your gsc, after the usings, precach the fx:
#precache( "fx", "path_of_the_fx");

Then different method to play it:

PlayFX(<path_of_the_fx>,<position>,[forward],[up],[ignore pause]);
PlayFXOnTag(<path_of_the_fx>,<entity>,<tag>,[ignore pause]);</tag></entity></path_of_the_fx></position></path_of_the_fx>

the "path_of_the_fx" would be in your case "fire/fx_fire_ground_rubble_50x50"


Reply By: modric
Thanks, it seems every tutorial over complicates it, I will use this method from now on