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add end game to trigger

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Thread By: KillJoyYT
how can I end the game once a player activates the trigger?

function dissapearing_platform1()
    trig_1 = GetEnt("platform_trig_1", "targetname");

    model_1 = GetEnt("platform_model_1", "targetname");

brushmodel_1 = GetEnt("platform_brushmodel_1", "targetname");

    trig_1 SetHintString("Hold &&1 To Buy [Cost: 1000]");
    trig_1 SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");

        trig_1 waittill("trigger", player);
    player PlayLocalSound( "demo14" );
        trig_1 Delete();
        model_1 Delete();
        brushmodel_1 Delete();


Reply By: mathfag

level notify("end_game");


Reply By: KillJoyYT
thank you I figured it was something like level endgame :)