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Thread By: maxman5050
how to add an area 51 type zone


Reply By: Abnormal202
if you actually expect to get help, you should probably elaborate on exactly what you want.

just saying "area 51 zone" is incredibly vague and could be interpreted in many different ways than what you may be thinking.


Reply By: maxman5050
fair enough, i mean a zone with endless spawns, a round that never changes, and sprinters on round 1. I only want these mechanics to be in one zone however. Is that possible?


Reply By: mathfag
Assuming you're doing something like moon:

thread infinite_zombies();

function infinite_zombies()

	//IPrintLnBold("infinite zms");
    spawner = GetEnt("zombie_spawner","script_noteworthy");

	zm_count = zombie_utility::get_current_zombie_count();


Note: this will work if all the players are in area51 (if 1 player is in area51 the zombies will spawn for all players everywhere so make sure they're all in in 1 area). Also untested.