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get error when linking my map

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Thread By: Stonermagoo420
It was working the other day then i goto compile, link and launcher says this

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\/gdtdb/gdtdb.exe /update

gdtDB: updating

processed (0 GDTs) (0 assets) in 2.042 sec

gdtDB: successfully updated database.

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\/bin/linker_modtools.exe -language english -modsource zm_thehill

Linking "zm_thehill" (usermaps\zm_thehill stable 3015543 v593): 

^1ERROR: Lua not supported


  ^1SCRIPT ERROR: No generated data for 'scripts/zm/_zm_perk_doubletap2.gscc'

Linker will now terminate.

Linker summary:

There were 0 warnings and 1 error.

  ^1ERROR: Lua not supported

Arguments passed to linker:
  -language english -modsource zm_thehill 


^1ERR(0) scripts/zm/_zm_perk_doubletap2.gscc (1,14)  : syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_IDENTIFIER, expecting $end :  
so this wasnt my previous problem but now it is. Yesterday I went to go load my map and it said it couldnt load the fast file which is bogus. The .ff should be just fine, I only created this map the other day to copy over alot of prefabs I have on older maps. I tried this to because i thought it would save me time on my map but now idk now that im done with the big map idk why its not loading in.

I have gone and looked at line (1,14) in the .gscc and it is the exact same as the harry's. but even if it was working I dont think it will fix the fast file problem I have. The lua is working on the other maps, and was working on this map yesterday but when I ran the map in game the .ff zone file wouldn't load ...

is there something new about the zone fast files and lua that i missed.. or am I just wrong, its something completly different.. please, help me all together I have put to much time into radiant on this one map to let it go.


Reply By: mathfag
Reinstall leakmod.


Reply By: Stonermagoo420

Reinstall leakmod.

I just installed the l3akmods, thank you because now i see it is the gsc that is messed up when i goto load the map i get this error

I dont know if there might be something wrong with my gsc file itself but I have checked it and could not seem to find anything wrong with the script.(I could be wrong though) so Yeah, here take a look at my gsc and see where i messed up.. ps everything is hooked up to their entities in radiant.
#using scripts\codescripts\struct;

#using scripts\shared\array_shared;
#using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared;
#using scripts\shared\clientfield_shared;
#using scripts\shared\compass;
#using scripts\shared\exploder_shared;
#using scripts\shared\flag_shared;
#using scripts\shared\laststand_shared;
#using scripts\shared\math_shared;
#using scripts\shared\scene_shared;
#using scripts\shared\util_shared;

#insert scripts\shared\shared.gsh;
#insert scripts\shared\version.gsh;

#insert scripts\zm\_zm_utility.gsh;

#using scripts\zm\_load;
#using scripts\zm\_zm;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_audio;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerups;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_utility;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_weapons;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_zonemgr;

#using scripts\shared\ai\zombie_utility;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_pack_a_punch;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_pack_a_punch_util;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_additionalprimaryweapon;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_doubletap2;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_deadshot;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_juggernaut;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_quick_revive;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_sleight_of_hand;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_staminup;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_electric_cherry;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_widows_wine;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_vulture_aid;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_whoswho;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_tombstone;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_phdflopper;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_random;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_trap_electric;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_trap_fire;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_sym_zm_trap_turret;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_zm_trap_flogger;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_zm_trap_centrifuge;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_zm_trap_flinger;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_sym_zm_trap_chain;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_sym_zm_trap_fan;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_t4_weapons;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_t6_weapons;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_t7_weapons;
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_zm_ai_napalm;
// SONIC Zombie
#using scripts\zm\_hb21_zm_ai_sonic;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_double_points;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_carpenter;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_fire_sale;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_free_perk;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_full_ammo;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_insta_kill;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_nuke;
//#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_weapon_minigun;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_trap_electric;

#using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;
#using scripts\_ZK\zk_buyable_elevator_v2;
#using scripts\_redspace\rs_o_jump_pad;


function main()

	level shootable_trigs();
	level thread set_perk_limit(10);  // This sets the perk limit to 10
	level thread zk_buyable_elevator_v2::init();

	level._zombie_custom_add_weapons =&custom_add_weapons;
	//Setup the levels Zombie Zone Volumes
	level.zones = [];
	level.zone_manager_init_func =&usermap_test_zone_init;
	init_zones[0] = "start_zone";
	level thread zm_zonemgr::manage_zones( init_zones );

	level.pathdist_type = PATHDIST_ORIGINAL;
	thread teleport_zombies_init();
function usermap_test_zone_init()
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",  "box_zone",  "enter_box_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",  "power_zone",  "enter_power_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "power_zone",  "phd_zone",  "enter_phd_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "power_zone",  "roof_zone",  "enter_roof_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",  "pap_zone",  "enter_pap_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "pap_zone",  "tunnel_zone",  "enter_tunnel_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "tunnel_zone",  "jugg_zone",  "enter_jugg_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "tunnel_zone",  "staff_zone",  "enter_staff_zone" );
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "box_zone",  "jugg_zone",  "enter_jugg_zone" );
    zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "jugg_zone",  "dablock_zone",  "enter_dablock_zone" );
    zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "dablock_zone",  "dablock_2",  "enter_dablock_2" );
	level flag::init( "always_on" );
	level flag::set( "always_on" );

function custom_add_weapons()
	zm_weapons::load_weapon_spec_from_table("gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv", 1);
function set_perk_limit(num)
	wait( 30 ); 
	level.perk_purchase_limit = num;

function teleport_zombies_init()
	teleport_trig = GetEntArray( "teleport_zombies", "targetname" );
	for (i = 0; i < teleport_trig.size; i++)
		teleport_trig[i] thread teleport_zombies();

function teleport_zombies()
	teleport_destination = GetEnt(, "targetname" );
		zombs = getaispeciesarray("axis","all");
		for(k=0;k<zombs.size;k++) {="" if(="" zombs[k]="" istouching(="" self="" )="" )="" {="" zombs[k]="" forceteleport(="" teleport_destination.origin="" );="" }="" }="" wait(0.01);="" }="" }="" function="" player_teleporter_init()="" {="" player_tp="GetEntArray(" "teleport_player",="" "targetname"="" );="" for(="" i="0;" i="" <="" player_tp.size;="" i++="" )="" {="" player_tp[i]="" thread="" player_teleport();="" }="" }="" function="" player_teleport()="" {="" destination="GetEnt(",="" "targetname"="" );="" while(1)="" {="" self="" waittill(="" "trigger",="" player="" );="" player="" setorigin(="" destination.origin="" );="" player="" setplayerangles(="" destination.angles="" );="" }="" }="" function="" shootable_trigs()="" {="" level.shootable_doors_required="3;" level.shootable_door_count="0;" level="" thread="" shootable_door1();="" level="" thread="" shootable_door2();="" level="" thread="" shootable_door3();="" trigs="GetEntArray(" "shootable_door",="" "targetname"="" );="" level.shootable_door_goal="trigs.size;" foreach(="" trig="" in="" trigs="" )="" trig="" thread="" wait_for_shoot();="" }="" function="" shootable_door1()="" {="" trig1="GetEnt("ee_trig1"," "targetname");="" obj1="GetEnt("ee_obj1"," "targetname");="" trig1="" sethintstring("");="" trig1="" setcursorhint("hint_noicon");="" while(1)="" {="" trig1="" waittill("trigger",="" player);="" level.shootable_door_count++;="" thread="" wait_for_shoot();="" break;="" }="" trig1="" delete();="" obj1="" delete();="" }="" function="" shootable_door2()="" {="" trig2="GetEnt("ee_trig2"," "targetname");="" obj2="GetEnt("ee_obj2"," "targetname");="" trig2="" sethintstring("");="" trig2="" setcursorhint("hint_noicon");="" while(1)="" {="" trig2="" waittill("trigger",="" player);="" level.shootable_door_count++;="" thread="" wait_for_shoot();="" break;="" }="" trig2="" delete();="" obj2="" delete();="" }="" function="" shootable_door3()="" {="" trig3="GetEnt("ee_trig3"," "targetname");="" obj3="GetEnt("ee_obj3"," "targetname");="" trig3="" sethintstring("");="" trig3="" setcursorhint("hint_noicon");="" while(1)="" {="" trig3="" waittill("trigger",="" player);="" level.shootable_door_count++;="" thread="" wait_for_shoot();="" break;="" }="" trig3="" delete();="" obj3="" delete();="" }="" function="" wait_for_shoot()="" {="" self="" waittill(="" "trigger",="" player="" );="" player="" playlocalsound(="" "zmb_cha_ching"="" );="" change="" this="" to="" any="" sound="" alias="" you="" want="" {="" while(1)="" {="" self="" waittill(level.shootablescollected="">= level.shootable_doors_Required);
        if(level.shootable_door_count == level.shootable_doors_Required)

        	self open_door();


function open_door()
    doors = GetEntArray( "shootable_door_reward", "targetname" );
    foreach( door in doors )
        door PlaySound( "zmb_cha_ching" );
            iprintlnbold("The Dungeon and Roof are acessible!");
    foreach( door in doors )
        door delete();
   	flag = doors[0].script_flag;
    level flag::set( flag );