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Problem with _bot_combat script

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Thread By: slayer3500

my friends and me are playing much mp custom games against bots. we want to rise the time of the function start_threat_aim() in...Call of Duty Black Ops III\share\raw\scripts\shared\bots\_bot_combat.gsc script, because we want to make them a little slower aiming at us and dont want to loose their skill features/characteristics (turning around if someone fires a weapon nearby) if choosing lower difficulty like "hardened" for example.
so what i have done already:
-created mp mod called "mp_botmod" with BO3 MC Launcher.exe
-created path ...Call of Duty Black Ops III\mods\mp_botmod\scripts\mp and copy pasted _bot_combat.gsc file into scripts inside and renamed it to mp_botmod.gsc
-inside the script mp_botmod.gsc i modified the values

its not working, because im dump...

is there someone who is willing to help me create a mod with script within right path so i can modify the bot values to my favor, please. i will donate for a cup of coffee.