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Thread By: Symbo

I scripted customizables challenges for emox and the map MORI.

The challenges are collective, the number of task to accomplish is split by the number of player in the game. There is a gsc hud displaying the time, the name and the number left.

The insructions are in the gsc:!3dkgkSZT!soQPisUuvKWGaOVICv6-JOC6Ym3RdWmif9WBn8HQWdQ

And recorded a video if you more visual:


Reply By: D-2-K
Awesome!!! thanks for sharing Symbo :)


Reply By: Dedrix
Thanks for this Symbo, this is brilliant!
I'm just curious if there's a way to set up these challenges so they're like the Origins challenges.
- only the completion part of the hud
- no activation required for challenges (on from start)
- no time limit on challenges
... and if there's a way to have individual player challenges too.



Reply By: kaizokuroof
Nice one Symbo, mad props for sharing.